Crypto Wallet Chip Introduced by VaultTel for Mobile Phones

Being virtual in nature it has been a big challenge to make crypto wallet secure and hacking proof. In a significant move VaultTel, USA based startup has come with a new hardware that will support cryptocurrency wallet and it can fit into SIM tray of any mobile phone (Android and iPhone).

As for any cryptocurrency wallet there is private key that stores and holds the crypto fund and making is secure becomes more critical. ValutTel has come with Intellichip card and an app to support the same not only with biometric authentication but also encryption.

How Wallet Chip can be used?

  1. In any Android phone having dual SIM card slots, it can be placed in SIM card slot.
  2. With iPhone it can be done using dongle device.

How to get it?

You can get it through pre-order sale for now:

  1. Android – $98
  2. iPhone – $131

Features of VaultTel Chip

VaultTel Chip Accessory

To use this app, you need the chip or chip accessory (dongle).

Device Locks

Access to your wallet can be locked using a specific device.

Geo Locks

It comes with a Geo lock feature, if enabled it can be accessed only to specific geo location and does not work on other part of the world.

Wallet Backups

You can take a backup of your wallet if you have other VaultTel chip.

Military-Grade Encryption

VaultTel Chip uses AES512 encryption/decryption technique to the wallet file.

Latest Bitcoin Standards

VaultTel is implemented using HD Wallets and a seed that’s created with a 24-word mnemonic phrase


As Chip comes with biometric authentication, it is impossible to hack the cryptocurrency/coins from the wallet. As the transaction is done at hardware level there is no screen that can be captured and hacked by spy screen recorder or Trojan.

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Disclaimer: We do not encourage or suggest anybody to invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, please do your own full research and follow the law/rules as per your country standard.

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