Ethereum Price Trend- February 2019

Ethereum has show remarkable growth in the last 30 days, it is up by 29.9% during this period of time. Today ethereum is trading near $135.62, which is 28% up in the last 30 days.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum price has show bullish indications since the beginning of the month. Ethereum hard fork Constantinople was one of the major reason behind the spike in the price. Its market cap rank is now #2 as it has replaced ripple (XRP) again. Its current market cap value is $14.24 and market cap dominance is 11.05%.

Its opening price on 1st February was $106.34 which remained upward and it was trading below $123 till the middle of the month. There was major spike in the price after 17th February when it crossed the resistance level of $145. On February 24th it went to its max value for the month with $163, which is up by 60 percent what it was in the starting of the month.

Ethereum price trend
Ethereum Price Trend

As there has been increase of around $20 Billion in the crypto market during the last 10 days, Spike in the Ethereum Price is one of the factor behind it. Investors has shown its trust into it and most of the top currencies were trading in green.

However during the last 4 days of the month it is trading low and its support level seems to be near $132 and resistance level $136 by the end of February.

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