Ethereum Price Trend: March-2019 [Week1]

Ethereum Price was trading downward for the last 2 weeks facing strong resistance below $140. Last week Ethereum price trend was against the last month when it was heading towards $150. There was slight improvement of 2.30% over the last 7 days in its price.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Over the last one week ethereum price remained between $125 and $137. Its price broke support level of $132, $130 and $126 last week. After going down it recovered later and was above the support level of $135.

On the down side it can go below $131 next week and can struggle to cross the resistance level of $135 on upper side. Its price is going parallel with bitcoin if we analyse and compare the crypto trend over the last 14 days.

It has experienced a dip in price by 14.10% over the last 14 days. Its current market cap is $14.09 Billion and ranks at #2 after bitcoin in market cap rank.

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