Top 10 Bitcoin cities in the world

Since the invention of blockchain technology bitcoin is dominating the world of virtual currencies. Bitcoin has changed the way people used to think about the money and its various forms (physical cash, debit card/credit card etc.). Nobody can deny the fact that it is becoming popular day-by-day and people around the world has started using it in their daily life.

Below are the top 10 cities using bitcoins:

1.Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is the city in USA having the good number of Bitcoin ATMs (270). LA has a population of 3.9 million and has great interest in bitcoin adoption. There are around 800 businesses accepting bitcoins.

2.New York City, USA

New York has a population of around 8.5 million and the city supports virtual currencies through BitLicense. Bitcoin adoption is growing in NY very fast, it has 131 Bitcoin ATMs, 116 meetups and there are around 500 businesses those accept bitcoin payments.

3.San Francisco, USA

There are 111 business accepting bitcoin in San Francisco. As the city is the home of Silicon Valley there are techies those has enough to invest and also deal in BTC.

4.London, UK

London has become the home of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as crypto is getting popular very fast. There are popular bitcoin startups
Elliptic (bitcoin valult) and Coinfloor (exchange).

5.Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain, and it has high adoption rate for cryptocurrencies. In Madrid there are number of restaurants, shops and lodging accepting bitcoin.

6.Vancouver, Canada

Canada has law that regulate the cryptocurrencies, it makes people to use virtual currency easily. There are many shops, malls and cafes where payment can be done in BTC. There are 76 ATMS offering bitcoins.

7.Vienna, Austria

Austria is the city where world’s first Bitcoin Bank was opened. Vienna offers great privacy and security, that makes people to go for virtual currencies like bitcoin.

8.Berlin, Germany

In Bernlin, the adoption rate of bitcoin is increasing day-by-day, people can pay for shopping, holidays, food, university tuition fee and apartments.

9.Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has largest number of bitcoin merchants if we compare it with rest of the world.

10.Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a South American city with a population of over 2.9 million. Even the country is going through financial crisis, bitcoin is becoming more popular. There are 8 bitcoin ATMs operating in the city.

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Disclaimer: We do not encourage or suggest anybody to invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, please do your own full research and follow the law/rules as per your country standard.

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